V I  T I M E R


Clock Timer with a list of Tasks and possibility to start another programs

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First steps:

  • start the program VITimer
  • drag scroll bar to the right to set delay time in seconds (from 1 sec to one hour)
  • press the button "START"
  • after count down to zero a beep will be played
  • use keyboard keys (Left or Right arrows) for adjust delay time (if you need)
  • use button "Clear" to set delay time to zero
  • use button "Stop" to stop count down (the Delay time will be set to the previous value).

Using the List of Tasks:

  • press the button "Show List" to open the list of Tasks
  • press the button "New" (or double click at an empty row)
  • input "Task description", for example "boiled egg"
  • select "Wait for:" (wait for delay elapsed or for day's time)
  • if you have selected "Wait for Delay", input Delay as "hh:mm:ss", for example "00:03:00" for 3 minutes or "23:59:59" for 24 hours
  • select "Count Up" or "Count Down"
  • if you have selected "Count Down", the time will be counted down from Delay value to zero
  • if you have selected "Count Up", the Delay will be counted up from zero to Delay value
  • if you have selected "Wait for Time", input the Time to wait for as "hh:mm:ss", for example "21:30:00" for waiting till 09:30 pm
  • select "Then do:" (what to do when the Delay will be elapsed or the Time will be reached)
  • if you have selected "Beep", the Beep tone will be played (with according Frequency in Hertz and duration in Milliseconds)
  • for example Beep: 1000 Hertz 100 Mss means tone with Frequency = 1000 Hertz and Duration = 100 mss
  • if you have selected "Run file", select a file to start when Delay is elapsed (or day's time is reached)
  • you can select any files to run (music, video, pictures, applications etc), for example "best song.mp3", "Sunrise.jpg", "Account.doc", "Year Report.xls" etc
  • your computer will start the according program to play selected file, for example MS Paint for pictures, MS Player for video, MS Excel for xls etc
  • to EDIT a Task in the List double click at it or press Blank key
  • to DELETE a Task(s) in the List select one or more Tasks using mouse + Ctrl or Shift key and press "Delete" button
  • press the button "Hide List" to hide the list of Tasks if you want


  • symbols "D", "U", "T" in the List (column "Wait for") means "Count Down", "Count Up", "Wait for Time"
  • in the List (column "Then do") "Beep: 1000 / 100" means Beep tone with Frequency = 1000 Hertz and Duration = 100 Mss
  • Tasks will be saved to the file "TASKS.BIN" when you close the program via "OK" or "Red cross" buttons
  • use Esc key or "Cancel" to close the program without saving changes in the Task List
  • you can start many VITimers together
  • use Home, End PageUp, PageDown keys to navigate inside the List
  • you can input (or copy and paste from other place) a long description for the task