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Alarms monitor with many cameras
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How to use it:

  1. start the Program and a windows for all installed cameras will be open.
  2. close not needed cameras if you want;
  3. change a size and position of the main window;
  4. use Menu Window/Tile to place all opened Windows tiled if you want;
  5. press a button "Camera's Properties" to change settings for camera in active window if you want;
  6. press a button "Show Cross" to start alarm watching for active camera (a camera whose window is in focus)
  7. you will see a red cross appearing on a moving objects
  8. press a button "Play beeps on Alarm" to make "beeps" on / off;
  9. press a button "Play sounds on Alarm" to make "sounds" on / off;
  10. press a left mouse button and drag a mouse right-down to draw a "Watching Area" rectangle;
  11. you can later move or change a size of any created "Watching Area" rectangle by you mouse;
  12. use a right mouse button double click inside an Area to remove it (if you want);
  13. make a left mouse button double click inside "Watching Area" rectangle to show an "Area Dialog";
  14. change "Noise is" pointer so that there was no response to motion of tree branches, drip of a rain, solar dazzles etc;
  15. change "Object motion is" pointer to catch more or less moving objects;
  16. change "Object size is" pointer to catch smallest or biggest objects;
  17. press a button "Save Photos on Alarm";
  18. now at each Alarm (a red cross appearing) the picture (photo) file will be written.

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