V I  C a l e n d a r


simply calendar for your Windows CE device

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  • select any date
  • press a long vertical button at right side to open / close an edit window
  • enter a note for selected date
  • all dates with note will be shown bold
  • press OK to save all notes to archive file
  • next time when you start VICalendar all notes will be loaded from archive file


  • click at month's name for quik change a month
  • click at year's namber for quik change an year
  • to use VICalendar simply copy the file VICalendar.exe to any place at your Windows CE device and start VICalendar.exe
  • archive file for your notes VICalendar.exe.bin will be created automatically near the file VICalendar.exe
  • VICalendar is made for use with ARM4 processor
  • press X button (or Esc) to close VICalendar without saving the changes
  • use Ctrl + Home, Ctrl + End, PageUp, PageDown for moving inside edit window
  • to delete a note delete all text inside date
  • to delete all notes delete the archive file VICalendar.exe.bin